Welcome to the New York State Transportation Master Plan 2050!

Transportation is about connecting people and places. Every day, millions of residents and visitors rely on New York State’s transportation network to access jobs, education, health care, and recreation. New York’s highways, railways, trails, airports, and ports support the movement of essential products and goods and connect communities across the state and the world. Transportation also shapes our communities, environment, economy, and daily experiences. In short, transportation is important to our state and communities!

Looking towards the future, much is changing. Climate change is creating more severe weather conditions, travel needs and behaviors have changed following the COVID-19 pandemic, and electric vehicles and advanced technologies are expanding in the market. Much of our transportation infrastructure is in need of replacement, which creates opportunities to think differently about how we want our transportation system to function for our communities in the future.  

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) is developing the Transportation Master Plan, in coordination with transportation agencies throughout New York. The Master Plan will define a long-range statewide transportation vision and will guide policies and priorities for New York State’s transportation system with an outlook to 2050. 

Your input is critical to the plan. Check this site regularly for updates about the Transportation Master Plan, meeting announcements, ways to get involved, and links to other statewide planning efforts.

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You can also share ideas and priorities by sending an email to: nystransportationmasterplan@publicinput.com

Your Voice Counts

Your vision for New York State’s future transportation system is important! If you haven’t already, please take our brief survey and share how New York State’s transportation system works for you. Your input will help inform the strategies, policies, and initiatives that are advanced to the final Transportation Master Plan.

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